Could Ganesha be my soulmate?

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… do soul mates really exist?

See I’ve been having this discussion with my girlfriends for a while. Most of the men or boys i know pooh pooh this theory of soul mates & always put it in the realm of probability without committing. Like yeah its possible but at any given time there could be many potential soul mates and its up to you to pick, or that one cannot base a life on just instinct or gut feeling etc etc. But then i get back to discussing it with the girls and these are some of our doubts -mind you some are in very satisfying and committed relationships, while some are single, but the doubts still rage

1. How do you know if he/she is the one? If he/she is the one why am I not in a state of joy?

2. Is it possible to zero in on someone and deciding that they are your soul mate without them having a clue-isn’t that a bit loony like picking on some gorgeous celebrity and deciding that’s it for me?

3. What exactly is it that you need to work out in your present life till you arrive at the soul mate level? Or should one accept that there is nothing to work out, we are perfect and wait for the soul mate to drop out of the sky?

4. Is there a cellular memory that draws us to others of a similar cellular memory so that we can then fuse together like some great scientific miracle that explodes into the world in an atom bomb of love?

5. So is it just one for one?

6. If the soul is omnipresent, omnipotent and all pervading why does it feel the need for a mate?

7. Could your soul mate be of the same sex? Like is my best friend my soul mate then? Could your soul mate be of a different species then? Like your dog? Isn’t it presumptuous and vain to believe that only the human form has a soul?

8. Is it that human beings feel inadequate and incomplete and so need a mate to complete them? Does that necessarily have to do with our souls or our emotional financial and physical needs?

9. If we all have male and female in us should we not be able to rely on only ourselves? Like the ying and yang ardha nari, or right brain left brain theories….

10. Coming to the male female in all of us-does that mean like Shiva and Parvati? Were they the same person then?
Or were they two individuals who became one?

11. Is it possible that we are ignoring our immediate reality, refusing to accept the perfection in our lives as it exists and therefore clinging on to the notion of a soul mate ? Keep it at a level of fantasy and dream on… create a magical mystical web in our own heads and…

12. If Meera considered Krishna her soul mate without even meeting him…considering she lived in a different era and was married to a Rana of Jaipur (not sure about this historical fact -will have to check with my mother!) in Akbar’s time . She left her princely home, tired of her husband’s jealousy and lack of understanding and spent her life offering Krishna’s stone idol her love and her music and finally ended her life by merging into the deity in Dwaraka

I think i can do it too- why does a soulmate have to take a human form?

I can believe Ganesha is my soul mate

the thought is making me really happy right now

and i can eat as many modaks as i like – he won’t even notice that I’m getting fat!

One thought on “Could Ganesha be my soulmate?

  1. It is an interesting thought.

    The cynical believe love is just chemical manipulation of our brains by our bodies to further the species. The romantics believe soulmates do exists. The religious believe we are all part of one bigger soul (then we all are soul mates).

    Yet truth is some of us find the “other” that matches our weirdly shaped jigsaw-piece of personality and fits it like it was meant to be. And our personalities aren’t quite as smooth as tear-drop shaped yins and yangs. To us our personalities are clear – ragged and smooth with edges we ourselves do not know we have. But then someone comes along who fits even those weird eccentricities. Maybe the mathematical impossibility of it, or may be our vanity makes us wonder if they truly are our soulmates. In that sense may be gods cannot be soulmates – them having bigger and all encompassing souls than us.

    I think it could be just us seeking the humanity in each other. It could be that we miss proper friendships. Aussies call it “mateship”. A group of fellows (men and women) who know each other very well and continue to remain part of each other’s lives. Possibly the serial “friends” touched that cord and thats why it appealed so much. (Or for that matter look at most of these serials – the characters seem to have deep friendships – so deep they sometimes confuse it to be love.) To the parched throat even muddy water tastes like amrit. Maybe once we have such deep friendship then we can surely tell the difference between a soulmate and others.

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