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Tiger Zinda Hai

#TigerZindaHai. Yesss Magar kya hua na, yeh picture deekhne ke baad Suchitra behosh ho gayi Let me explain I think this is what must have happened. Bhai was playing a video game in his farmhouse & got totally impressed by all the robots shooting & diving into the air...

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The other day I walked into yoga class and right past my instructor of several years. Not until she had struck up a conversation with me did the familiarity of her voice jolt me into recognizing who she was. Her nose was different, as was the jaw line and so were the...

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Could Ganesha be my soulmate?

... do soul mates really exist? See I've been having this discussion with my girlfriends for a while. Most of the men or boys i know pooh pooh this theory of soul mates & always put it in the realm of probability without committing. Like yeah its possible but at...

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