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Bhaigiri ka Chamchagiri

Mother Teresa ke baad Salman Khan- Pai Laago  Bhai... He’s a Good Guy. No doubt about that.  I would in fact recommend that his family start an online petition to get him freedom.  His millions of fans & followers will no doubt support him . The family can then...

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Beyond Bollywood…

Becoming an actress for me was a happy accident. One thing led to another (because I was always on stage singing & had a pleasant face) and I got picked up to do a TV serial (Chunauti) & then advertisements (Clearasil , Sunrise Coffee, Palmolive soap, Limca...

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Barbie is a slut

No offense to katrina kaif who is now the new face of Barbie. She’s obviously laughing all the way to the bank as she should. And kudos to  Mattel Inc. for pulling off a coup to save their plumetting brand -that has ruled and ruined the minds of the girl child for the...

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3 Stories

So a lot of people asking me how come I thought the film 3 storeys is so atrocious while it apparently got such good reviews Now I'm wondering if my head is off and my taste skewed ( ho sakta hai) or the reviews are bribed for ( kuch bhi ho sakta hai) See, I went to...

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