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Its a #War on your senses

Its a #War on your senses

I went to watch War with much excitement. Because of all the hype. Because it was all over social media that it has collected 100 crores in 3 days & how people were lining up in droves to watch this kick ass fare etc etc. Thats where i get all my news from -...

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Bhaigiri ka Chamchagiri

Mother Teresa ke baad Salman Khan- Pai Laago  Bhai... He’s a Good Guy. No doubt about that.  I would in fact recommend that his family start an online petition to get him freedom.  His millions of fans & followers will no doubt support him . The family can then...

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next life i will be #cbi. This life i will leave it to their wisdom so i get some sleep. My 80 yr old dearest aunt called me just now - she said she saw #ssr in her dream. Shes south indian & didnt know who he was till he died this unnatural way & appeared in her dream. Godbless

if we increase salary structures of #indian #govt officers across the board to make them on par with corporate world & give r judiciary d sanctity & protection they deserve we will rid #india of criminal #antinational elements to a v large extent. Y isnt this being done already?

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