Today’s beating of a 66 year old naval veteran by Shiv Sena goons for sharing a whatsapp joke on their leader Udhav Thackeray has broken my heart. Broken the heart of every Indian. It is absolutely unforgivable. The video footage of the elderly veteran chased and dragged across his compound & images of his bruised & bloody eye is making me cry.

When Udhav Thackeray became Chief Minister without the mandated votes & by the foul political maneuvering of Ace Politician Sharad Pawar we protested on social media, but stayed silent otherwise.

Even applauded Udhav Thackeray and his people for their efficient handling of the #Covid crisis, and his soft humble speeches all across social media in keeping the people of Maharashtra updated, informed & safe during lockdown.

But their conduct in their investigation on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput has been suspicious to put it mildly.

Abusive language of senior Sena Leaders towards anybody who did not toe their line or surrender to their hooliganism shocking. And in the last week, calling a woman Haraam Khor & boasting in their publication Saamna of illegally demolishing Kangana Ranauts property appalling. Senior Sena leaders then trying to pass the buck saying the demolition of Kangana’s property was a BMC decision and not theirs, ROFL as everybody knows the BMC (one of the richest institutions in the country) is run and controlled by the Shiv Sena.

All this would have passed. But today the beating up of a naval veteran is unforgivable. By any standards. I urge the armed forces all across India to take legal action against the Shiv Sena for this conduct. To treat an officer who has given his entire life in service of the nation in so brutal a manner terrifying. Such atrocities must not be allowed. Such conduct must be penalized.

Today the Maharastra Government has hung itself on their own rope. Lets see how long their breath lasts.

Here is an article i wrote in 2008 when the then Shiv Sena Govt had unleashed its atrocities on us Maharastrians & were demanding rights only for the Marathi Manoos & asking all non Maharashtrians to leave Maharashtra. Even Amitabh Bachchan had not been spared then.

Feb 2008 on
Pro State or Anti National?
I have never understood politics –not even at the classroom or dressing room level. At the state and central level it interests me even less but that is only because it has never directly affected my life. But it is now. I’m not even sure I can find the words for what my mind and my heart is trying to express but I am going to give it a try.

All I read about in the news papers and see on the television these days is about
1.The pride of the Marathi Manoos (who exactly constitutes the Marathi Manoos I would like to ask? Why this segregation and hostility towards communities and people who have made our state what it is and Mumbai the financial hub of the nation? Is the state anybody’s personal fiefdom?)
2.The anti north Indian or anti migrant stand that certain politicians are using as a weapon to misguide and misdirect the less informed.
3.The several innocent north Indian hawkers and taxi drivers at Dadar were mercilessly beaten up and their wares and vehicles destroyed one Sunday evening.
4.The Institutions that are being targeted to change their names, for e.g. Bombay Scottish to Mumbai Scottish,

5.The Street names are being changed left right and centre. People taking taxis are scared they may say the name of a street wrong and be beaten up for it.

6.The jobs being denied to the non Maharashtrian and eminent personalities of national and international caliber being asked to go back to where they belong. Imagine if the same was applied in reverse –the sad sad loss if Lata Mangeshkars songs or Madhuri Dixits dances were banned from being played in the rest of the country..Or the economic growth, employment and progress being bought in by the Tatas Birlas etc being denied to Maharashtrians.

7.Movie theatres not showing the mandatory Marathi film every year that are in danger of having their licenses revoked.

9.The mindless violence erupting in every street corner.

10.Cyber Cafes Nightclubs and Coffeebars being shut down on the stand that it is against Indian culture. Looks like they can’t stand the notion of anybody being happy or just having a good time.

This is just a few in a long list of appalling atrocities

It seems to be Bigotry at its worst. Fascism and Hooliganism. And the sad thing is that we are allowing it. Allowing them to narrow the minds of the people and turn one against the other. Divide and rule –at a time when the whole world is trying to come together as one, we the people are being bulldozed into taking these regressive steps. And the government at the Centre is not doing anything about it.

Is such extreme parochialism not anti national? Is taking the Hindutva or Marathi Manoos ideology to its extreme not as potentially dangerous as Islamic fundamentalism? Why brand one a terrorist and the other not?

Should Regional pride come before National Pride?

What next? Will they ban us from singing the national anthem and force us to do a Lavani instead?

Jai Maharahtra!

September 2020 on

So dear Maharashtra. Dear India. Lets not forget the past conduct of the Shiv Sena for these are a people, a political party whose behavior has only become worse. They seem more emboldened with every crime they commit Why did we think their conduct would ever change? Why were we bullied into accepting these leaders by the machinations of political warlords with total disregard for our votes? Democracy was mocked when this current Govt the Shiv Sena NCP alliance was formed , and today with the brutalization of an armed forces veteran for sharing a whatsapp joke Democracy is being spat on. We the people are being defecated on.
By overgrown egos & retarded intelligence.

Shame on these political thugs. The Navy, The Army, all the armed forces deserve an apology. Sanjay Raut needs to be expelled from the Raajya Sabha. Maharashtra deserves better! All of India demands an apology

PS: Do look up the wikipedia link of the ShivSena. They are clearly described as a fascist and bully party

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