Here in India we are all locked in. Atleast the urban elite

While the poor throng liquor shops, unmasked migrant labourers walk 1000’s of miles to reach their villages or gather in clusters at railway & bus stations, disobey rules.

Hell many are simply dropping dead. Not from the virus but from hunger and starvation & exhaustion.

I guess to explain social distancing to poor people who live cramped in huts 20 people to a 10 ft room is impossible innit.

And to expect them to follow rules from a Government that has never looked after them even more so.

Where are all the #PMCares fund & #CM fund etc being spent if all we see are images of dead bodies piled in Corona patients wards , and migrant labourers starving to death at railway stations? Where are all those 1000’s & 1000’s of crores collected being spent?

India has two big problems that in the long run will destroy us more than the Corona

A govt that believes it owes the people no explanation …

And a section of sold out media that is always giving us the wrong explanation…

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