The problem with this new culture of outrage is people can no longer speak their truth as they know it and understand it without being crucified for it. This new found faux feminism is replacing the old patriachy almost – not pandering to it leading to ostracization and abuse. #SarojKhan being the case in point here

First everybody pretended that they didnt know the casting couch existed at all. Then they punish a woman for telling it the way it was. Why? because shes not english speaking, camera friendly or elitist? Because she speaks her truth as she knows it? A truth generations have experienced/ witnessed as their only reality?

The casting couch has been and still is vastly consensual – unlike rape. I think that is the point here that many are deliberately overlooking in this raging debate. Self deception is the worlds greatest lie after all.

For every star of the #metoo movement there have been an equal if not larger number of women who have used sex to advance their own positions ruthlessly. Its been a barter like any other. Yes it must not exist or persist but the truth is that it has and it still does. Not just in the movie business but in every single walk of life.

I have always spoken very openly about it and have several pages dedicated to it in my novel #DramaQueen about my own experiences of the casting couch.

I think women like Saroj Khan should be allowed to speak as much as the angry brigade bashing her all over the media

Not permitting another woman to speak just bec you disagree with her is a very unfeminist thing to do. Like i said this faux feminism is now emerging as a new form of patriachy and bigotry.

Truth is never convenient – but it must be spoken if we need to change the centuries old narrative that most of this feminazi brigade still refuses to acknowledge. Its the Lochness monster all over again just taking a different shape and form

Anger never understands. Anger only retaliates. Outrage is not the solution. Outrage is merely a distraction from the core problem.

I come in peace sister. And peace can never be truly won with a bloody war

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