Mother Teresa ke baad Salman Khan- Pai Laago  Bhai… He’s a Good Guy. No doubt about that.  I would in fact recommend that his family start an online petition to get him freedom.  His millions of fans & followers will no doubt support him . The family can then apply for clemency to the President of India and seek pardon. That way they wouldn’t have to spend the next 13 years trying to get him out on bail like they did using every trick in the book to keep him out of jail. While i was the 1st to compliment the IndianJudiciary for its strong stand I am very very curious to see how this plays out. Lets wait and watch

Dont get me wrong. I don’t know Salman Khan. AT all. Except through his movies. I definitely have no reason to dislike him.  If anything I know of several instances where his Being Human foundation has paid and cared for life altering surgeries to the poor and needy absolutely free of cost and that for me is a very noble thing.  People say he is a wonderful human being. I totally believe them. Especially when i see the humility with which he himself has reacted to the verdict of his five year jail sentence for a crime that could have got away with much less, I know that this is God’s child.  He will pay Karma’s dues with the grace befitting his grandness and emerge victorious.

The only reason I am therefore writing this is like many other headline grabbing news items, this has exposed the hypocrisy and feudal racism of India’s Elite. The twiterati the chaterati the ficklerati.

Who believe and support each other in their crimes of Omission & Commission… Who only shout outrages now because of the fear that if someone of Salman’s stature could not play the system and get away with it will they be next? Is the era of bribery and theft & feudal inequality on which they have built their empires coming to an end? Baap re Baap. If so where does it leave them? Does it mean they cannot give the poor corrupt policeman a Rolex watch bribe & persuade him to NOT take the breathalyzer test  when he catches them drunk, mowing down people on the streets? I mean aren’t they helping the poor police officer in a way? Could the poor stupid officer possibly afford a rolex watch otherwise? What is India coming too? And what sort of Judge is this who dared sentence Salman…  I mean he’s the box office king ya. You mean the law sees everyone equally? How can that be when life is so unequal.. & they have spent all their lives keeping that inequality alive by the most corrupt & morally  despicable ways. You mean  that man on the street who died is as important as Salman Khan or the 800 crores riding on him? Shares of Eros & other film companies have come crashing down for god’s sake ya, over justice being granted to a man who’s name people don’t even know or have bothered to find out-  a faceless homeless sleeper on the footpath who went by the name of Nurullah  Mehboob Sharif. Some useless bloke who couldn’t even find friends houses to crash in when he was broke, because his friends lived in the gutter. WTF. Never mind about that Ravindra Patil chap too- the police bodyguard who initially reported the Salman killed a Man case & later died a beggars death under pressure from refusing to change his original statement. He was oversmart na that cop Ravindra Patil- should have changed his statement to say Salman’s driver was driving and everybody would be rich and free now. I mean the driver himself lied that he was driving and was willing to go to jail for his Bada Saab, then what was this chota mota policeman’s problem ya

And come one okay- Salman is only suffering because he is a celebrity. Any one else would have got away with much less…

I am aghast at this baloney. I once met a lady in London who’s son was implicated along with Sanjay Dutt and spent years in Jail with him. The frail old bribed the prison guards everyday so they would not beat up her son in the lock up. Sanjay Dutt had no such fear of being beaten, he is a celebrity after all. I heard a while ago the frail old lady died. At the time of her death her son was still in Jail.  He was never granted bail for family functions or holidays or shootings… he stayed in. All the while hoping for a miracle. I don’t know where he is now

We have cried and outraged against the old system and bought in a new Govt . Because we wanted change. We NEED change. BADLY. And yet anything that shifts the status quo sends people into so much panic…

This is an accident that happened way back in 2002… One man died then and 4 were injured. Another –his police bodyguard died pitifully unattended and neglected in 2007 as a consequence of what happened to him during this incident . Journalists who wrote about Inspector Patil were threatened and forced to apologize and withdraw their stories. Why? Isnt 13 years long enough to play the system? Isnt it high time things changed? Just because  Puru Rajkumar son of a famous actor Rajkumar got away scot free 20 years ago does it mean Salman should today?

As for the brainless dunderheads , and sycophants  shouting from the rooftops of Bhai’s largesse, his generous noble spirit while simultaneously spouting baloney like people who live on the streets are dogs who deserve to die like dogs, And that its the Governments fault that it forces people to live on the streets and so how is that Salman Bhai’s fault. Let’s treat them as entertainment please. And yes i’d definitely like to know what they been snorting to spout such utter inhumane rubbish. Apparently there are documented versions of Mary Antionette snorting cocaine too… it what is supposed to have ruined her brain and marred her judgement.

I will pray for Salman and his family.

And i will pray for my country and every single person who lives in it that India becomes a better place for all. Equally.


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