I no longer subscribe to newspapers or watch television. The news depresses me – the old adage of no news being good news coming true every time. It’s the same everywhere I look, every page I turn.

Filmstars on their PR overdrive, politicians on their one-upmanship drivel, and oh, not to forget rapists and rich kids of MLAs mowing down the poor and homeless in their BMWs and jaguars.

Same old thing, different day. So I stay away from it. Totally.

I know if there is a situation or an event of significance, the news will come to me soon enough, no matter how stoic my avoidance of it is. And over the years, I also know that there must indeed be an uproar of a “woman-oriented” matter by the way my phone starts to ring frantically.

It’s the TV channels asking for a sound bite, of course. Prime time is an important slot – the channels need familiar faces you see. If someone is willing to speak freely, it’s even better and the more the merrier. And if they are willing to talk against the leading film stars or politicians, it’s a hoot, isn’t it?

“So madam, what do you have to say about…?”

“Please madam. It won’t take more than half an hour…”

Sometimes I happily accept, if it’s a matter close to my heart.  At other times I acquiesce, only because it’s impossible to say no after the umpteenth time, or because the telephone call has been timely. When I’m so bored I need to fill up my hours and feel self-important.

By talking about other people.

So this time around a couple of weeks ago,  when my phone started to ring many days in a row, I knew something important must have occurred in the world of news again, perhaps involving womanhood, or filmdom, or both.

Something that had the feminists up in arms.

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