Was talking to a friend of mine (male) the other day-about the boobquake issue. You know when the Iranian cleric said that women’s exposed breasts were causing earthquakes around the world!!!

While the clerics statement was a pathetic viewpoint that didn’t warrant a comment or reaction it got us talking about the larger issue.

It’s like blaming the grape for ones alcoholism rather than conquering your own weakness and addiction towards it, we debated. Vilify it, condemn it dunk it under the sea but if the craving is strong enough,  a smoker /drinker/drug addict will fall to the bottom of the earth to get his/her fix.
Its not much different for mans carnal desire.

It is the ultimate enticement-a potent mind altering drug to the base mind

Its what  a large part of sexual morality-(especially in more repressed cultures) is based on-
why women have been made to feel conscious and ashamed of something God gave us.

Like the ignorant and vulnerable creatures we are, we accepted the man’s weakness as our shame-never once questioning the rationale behind this abhorrent sad reality

Anyway then -I asked my friend why the male fascination with boobs? Since we women just have it -no effort required whatsoever-it never fails to amuse or astound us. His answer was simple-it because we men don’t.

And then we talked some more and he asked me if there was nothing /no part of human anatomy that got women to react so strongly…

I thought about it. And thought about it again. While I can’t speak for other women-I can vouch for myself and a few of my close girlfriends

We get turned on by the sight of a baby’s bum!!!
yes you read it correctly.
Soft, fleshy, squeezable, quivering baby bottoms…it makes us long to  touch, pinch, kiss, pucker, and caress and possess…ooooohhh!!

The sight of a baby’s bare bottom turns me to mush-no doubt about it. Makes me all warm and fuzzy

He was a bit zapped and immensely tickled.
So how does this work?
We talked about it some more…

And came to the conclusion that it’s a life force in itself…as primal as it gets.
It’s the basic law of attraction-
what keeps the species alive, stops us from going extinct.

Men love boobs and
women love babies bums

Man loves boobs+woman loves babies bums===procreation +survival of the race

No shame in that…except that we women don’t go around telling babies that they are vulgar or shameless because their bottoms are so cute and so they better cover up those soft enticing mounds of flesh or…. or else the sky will fall down!

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