The Female Orgasm

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Is there a connection between the development of a society and its people and the female orgasm?

Scientists argue that the female orgasm is a happy accident that has no bearing on the evolution and development of the human race. They call it ‘evolutionarily irrelevant’ and say that it has no ‘biological value’…I’m assuming that the scientists leading these early studies were male, or primarily ‘left brained’

Sure it has no biological significance. The human race will procreate and multiply regardless of the female orgasm

But development of a society and culture is not only about the building of bridges and airports and roads…
wealth of a people cannot be measured in currency notes alone. That is a rather outdated concept
The female orgasm is a metaphor really… for an evolution of another kind
Of freedom, of equality, a right to pleasure… and of so many more things, immeasurable and incomparable.
A fair reward (the really intelligent may even call it a bribe) for making the world a better and happier place.

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